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Does the primary lease holder on a car lease have any liability if the car is in an accident if the car is registered and insured by the co-signers of the lease who is not the primary?If others who are co-signed on the car are in an accident, and cannot afford to pay and charges or fees as a result of that accident, then yes, as a co-signer the primary lease holder will be liable for those oustanding payments.

Can you sell a leased car?

You must be kidding? Just attempt and sell it. You must know you can’t sell what you don’t own. It is illegal. .
Indeed a lease is just another form of financing. Normally, it is fairly effortless and permitted by the lease agreement (some, but very few, leases don’t permit it).Just like any other car with a lien, you must payoff the loan and get the title in your name to do so. That can happen at the same time with the sale to the other party, like with a loan. Your lease co will be blessed to tell you the payoff amount and procedure, and likely has this info on it’s website. Typically, this technology can be used when the residual value of a car is very less compared to the market value. This can be due to good maintenance, low miles, custom-made fittings (which usually do not add much to the residual), etc. By selling your leased car, you can make a few hundred (or in some cases a few thousand) dollars in profit (which otherwise would be gained by the car dealership or the leasing company). .
In the UK you can not sell a lease car. You can however contact the lease company and request a figure to lodge or purchase the vehicle. If the cost to purchase is less than what the car is presently worth then this is worthwhile. When purchasing a used car you should always check the vehicle for outstanding finance and other possible issues such as being stolen and incorrect mileage.

Will your insurance rate be lower if you lease your car vs your company leasing it?

Response .
1st question, is it your company or one you work for?.
If your company leases it, it will no longer be a private auto policy so yes, the rates are different. Call your agent to find the response.

What is a car lease?

A car lease can be thought of as a long-term car rental. If youchoose to lease rather than buy, you will not own the car. You willsimply be leasing it for a predetermined period of time. When you lease a car, you are not leasing it from the car dealeritself. You instead lease it from a leasing company, who in effectbuys the car and rents it to you in exchange for your monthlypayments. This leasing company can be the financial arm of largeautomakers (such as GM Finance or BMW Finance) or may be anindependent leasing company of the dealer’s choice. The dealergenerally acts as an agent on behalf of the leasing company innegotiating the terms of the car lease. The most common type of car lease is called a “Closed End Lease”.In this type of lease, you and the dealer agree on the length oftime and interest rate at which you will lease the car, and also onthe final value of the car at the end of lease (called the”residual value” of the car). When your lease is over, you caneither turn your keys in or you can exercise the option to buy thecar at the pre-agreed residual value. It should be worth noting, that an open-ended lease is practicallyunheard of these days. Any legitimate car dealer should be offeringa closed-end lease.

How do you lease a car?

You go to a dealership, just like if you were going to buy one…then you tell them that you want to do a lease deal instead. You can also arrange a lease or a purchase online now.

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If you cosigned a leased car for your daughter and the car and insurance are in her name are you responsible as cosigner for any liability over the covered insurance amount in the event of an accident?

Response .
Ordinarily a cosigner would not be liable for anything other than the lending agreement. .
However, responsibilities incurred by all parties when a vehicle is under lease can be fairly different than the purchasing a vehicle. It would be prudent for the cosigner to read the leasing contract very cautiously and perhaps seek legal advice if they are unassured of the terms of the contract.

Can any insured driver drive someone else’s insured leased car?

Response .
You are covered if you are a licensed driver regardless what they say..
A leased vehicle is possessed by the leasing agency not by the person who is leasing it..
The terms of the contract will designate who may or may not drive the vehicle and nothing else applies.

Who is responsible for a car lease if the lease holder dies?

The vehicle will be returned to the leasing agency and the leasor will need to file a claim against the estate for any deficiency in the contract. This type of claim is considered a “low priority” claim. Family members are NOT responsible for the lease, or any debts of the deceased unless they are a joint debtor, or in some situations there is a surviving spouse and the duo resided in a community property state at the time of death.

Can a cosigner who is on the title of a leased car be sued for not paying any payments on the car when the primary leasee is paying off the loan?

Response .
First of all it would not be possible to be on the title of a leased vehicle, as the leasor retains ownership rights..
A cosigner is only responsible for the debt if the primary borrower defaults on the lending agreement.

If two people co-lease a car but only the driver carries insurance can they both be held liable for accidents or just the driver’s insurance?

Response .
A lease is a contract; all who execute same are held liable. Insurance does not come into play as regards liability.

What is the best car lease to get?

ReactionThere are literally hundreds of deals out there and it’s a buyers market. I wouldn’t go for the cheapest available, I would ask friends, working colleagues, etc for a recommendation. If not, use your own discretion albeit I would suggest a visit to a reputable dealer.

How do you get out of a car lease?

The best way to get out of the remainder of your car lease is by finding someone to take over your contract. This can be a grueling process as most people have only friends an family to turn to. Therefore your network reach is limited. There exist several websites that suggest car leases exchange marketplaces. Some of these sites are tremendous because they have way too many exact cars as yours. The best way to stick out from the crowd is to suggest a cash incentive to differentiate your ad from the rest. Also you can use a website that down not have tons and tons of the exact car like yours. Another thing to consider is the features that your site will suggest. Do they make it effortless to search and find cars? Some sites are simply over crowded with ads and lack features which make the search process irritating for potential Lease Buyers. As a lease possessor who likes to switch cars every two years I have used Lease Busters and I have attempted exchange a lease but my findings are that they are the largest in North America but largest does not by any means indicate best. Also do people stuck in leases want to pay up to $300 to use the website? The newest lease transfer website that I found is Car Lease Depot or They actually are different as they are the worlds very first Car Lease Takeover Search Engine. They are the only site that permits you to type in your geographical location and then see the results so it is real elementary. They are the only site also that has Google Maps on the results so you can see little shove pins of the available cars. CLD also is the only site that offers “Live Car Talk” so people who need to get out of their lease quick can avoid playing email tag. They also had a package that had no thresholds on number of pictures which is the very first time I witnessed that. Besides that they have several search features such as save cars, save searches, compare cars and much much more. As for the price, Car Lease Depot offers the cheapest out of any car lease exchange website. What is cheaper than free? Suggesting a 60 day free trial is one of their packages. They have three plans ranging up to $99 which alone is 1/Trio the price of competition. What I suggest is going to all the sites and comparing side by side then make an educated decision for yourself. This decision can save you thousands on early termination fees for your car lease.

Can you turn a car lease in early?

Depends on verbage original contract, but you may be held liable for the balance remaining on term. If you need to exit a Car Lease in the UK the early termination costs can be utterly expensive, some companies want the total lease paid off, others want 50%, but it can vary a lot as there is no consistency. As an alternative you can consider novating the lease (getting someone else to assume it ie take the car off you and take on the remaining payments). It will be stipulated in your contract if you can do this, under terms such as “Novate”, “Assume” or “Transfer”. The finance company lending the money to fund the car lease will be the ones who actually transfer the lease. After transfer you can still be liable if the other party cracks the contract, so you much confirm this so you understand before doing so. This will still cost a few hundred pounds but can be a lot cheaper. For example if you have £300 pcm to pay for another 20 months and no longer need the car, this could be a total liability of £3,000 to £6,000. You might be able to transfer the lease for around £300-£600.

Does the primary lease holder on a car lease have any liability if the car is in an accident if the car is registered and insured by the co-signers of the lease who is not the primary?

Is it better to buy or lease a car?

Hi. My name is Daniel I’m a car sales man in the Auto Mall, i truly think its better to lease if you like to switch cars every 2-3 years and get into fresh ones. BUT i would also have to say buy, if your looking to own the vehicle for a long time… beware—- if your credit doesn’t permit you to lease. a loan will not be such a bad decision, however you could always trade out in Two years for a fresh car…. IMO, it is better to buy a 1 or Two year old used car with low mileage. Get a certified used car if possible. Some Certified used cars have a better warranty than a fresh car. Let someone else eat the depreciation, not you. I would never, ever, lease a vehicle.

When is it a good idea to lease a car?

when you cant afford to pay a car in utter!! 🙂 some people just dont have the money for it …. but then you can always pay for a nice car instead of a chunk of crap car.. plus when you own it you dont have a warranty … on the other arm you are losing out money that you have to pay.. dont go out and buy a 30000 car.. buy one in your price range one that you can love and still have a life and be able to do what you want

If the primary borrower on a cosigned car lease dies. what happens to the car?

Response .
The person who’s name is on the Title is the holder of the car.

Lease a car?

The advantages of leasing a vehicle are lower up- front costs and lower monthly payments. You can drive a more expensive vehicle for a lower cost than buying it. At the end of a Trio year lease you will have payed less than half of what a person has payed to buy the same car on a three year loan. But you own nothing, he does.

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If you co-sign a car lease can you get sued even however you aren’t on the insurance and the person gets into an accident?

Response .
Yes, the owners of the vehicle (and driver of course) are the ones sued, it has nothing to do with who is the named insured on the insurance policy.

How do you register a leased car in NJ?

Even leased cars must be registered to the leasee. You must go toyour local department of motor vehicles to have your vehicleregistered.

Can you co-sign to lease a car and then get a lease for your own car?

Yes, you just have to recall that you will need sufficient credit to take on a 2nd loan. Even tho’ you are technically not the purchaser, you are still on that lease as responsible for that car in the event your mate fails to pay. Your 2nd loan/lease will certainly take this into consideration, along with your credit history and score.

How can you lease a car in Pakistan Lahore?

From the airport or look in the news paper cars are available for 1500 a dayAlso search Lahore car rental on the internet

Advantages and disadvantages of leasing a car?

There are obviously pro’s and con’s to leasing a car, however I’m not going to go into that here. I’ve found a useful source of information from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts where they help you to understand the benefits of leasing. Sounds like a good idea. You can read case studies here: you can get an overview of leasing here: benefits of leasing: .
Can be cheaper than buying a fresh car .
You get a brand fresh car .
Switch your vehicle every Two,Trio, or Four years dependant on contract type .
Road tax and breakdown recovery includedhope that helps you.

When leasing a car is the annual insurance included in the lease cost of the car.?

No, insurance is always the burdern of the car holder, not the dealership. When leasing or purchasing a car, the person acquiring the vehicle is legally responsible for acquiring car insurance.

Can you trade in a leased car?

Yes, you can. When you lease a car you have the option ofpurchasing the vehicle at any time. When you go in to make a trade,the dealership will have to call the leasing company and get yourpayoff. Basically the dealership will pay the remaining balance ofthe lease and purchase the vehicle from the leasing company. Itreally depends on your situation, in a ideal world, the vehiclebuyout would be the same as its trade in value but that is ususallynot the case. If you have a closed end lease, you would be betteroff if you waited the lease out before purchasing a fresh vehicle.You may be fortunate enough to have vehicle that is worth more thanthe lease buy out amount. These days, there are a number of services which match people whoare looking to lease cars with those who are looking to get out ofa lease.

What are your rights if your lease car was repo?

If you have stopped making the lease payments, you have forfeited the car and you have no rights. Basically, by not making the payments, the lender believes you no longer desire to have the car and they will take it back and sell it to somebody that truly wants that car and is willing to make the lease payments. Usually, any monies you paid during the lease are also forfeited … you walk away with nothing, basically. Always always read ALL the fine print before signing any document. You may also be responsible for all the costs associated with the repossession, any damages and depreciation.

Is leasing a car in California the same as leasing a car in Florida?

In every state, there are different terms in the lease agreements.Inbetween car dealers, there are also different terms. Overall, ingeneral, it will be the same process.

Does the primary lease holder on a car lease have any liability if the car is in an accident if the car is registered and insured by the co-signers of the lease who is not the primary?

What is lease vehicle in used cars?

The benefits of leasing include the option to not make a downpayment, paying sales tax only on monthly payments (in moststates), and payment of a money factor similar to the interest rateon a loan. Leases may also include extra fees and possibly asecurity deposit, items not part of a direct purchase. Firstpayments are made at the time the contract is signed. The short-term monthly cost of leasing is less than the cost ofbuying, according to For vehicles with the sameprice, term and down payment, monthly lease expenses will be 30percent to 60 percent lower than loan payments.

How do you get a car lease with bad credit?

If is difficult for you to get a lease with bad credit, due to the fact fresh car dealers require a much higher credit score, usually 650 and higher to qualify for a lease. But you can always finance a used car relatively lighter.

How can you get out of a car lease?

You can always cancel any kind of lease agreement but there may be costs associated with cancellation of the contract. I would advise you to read your lease terms to see what the cancellation policy is and the terms of the policy if you have not already read them.

Can you trade your car in for leased car?

You can trade the cars all in for what you want. Trade for what is on the market

Can you lease a car in your name and register it in another?

The reaction is no. You can only register it in the names of the people(s) that are on the loan.

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You were in an accident your car is a lease and it was your fault and you have no insurance what is going to happen?

You are going to have to pay all cost out of pocket. Also you may be given a severe ticket for driving without insurance.

How can you buy out a leased car when the lease expired and car was repossessed?

When a vehicle gets repossessed it either goes back to the dealer who leased it, or, and more commonly, it is auctioned by the reclamation company. You would need to attend one of these auctions to be able to bid on one, and even then, a lot of times you have to be a licensed dealer to participate. Check on the local regulations and confinements on the auto auctions in your area.

When you lease a car?

If you can attempt usingcar leasing calculatorto make things work for you by using this calculator you can consider car leasing; it is the process of permitting the consumers to pay for a certain period of time and for only limited allowance for the mile coverage. The very first thing that one needs to consider in terms of car leasing is to check the person’s standing about his or her credit.

Can you lease a car for 9 months?

Not typically. Rent a wreck type places might do it but Im sure you would pay far more than the car is worth to lease it for that long. Dont get me wrong, YOU CAN if you are willing to pay enough and have superb credit. But leasing a fresh car for 9 months would be cost-prohibitive.

How do you lease a car with bed credit?

There are many people who want to own a car but incapable to do thatbecause of poor credit so they commenced taking cars on hire basis,even you can do that, a lot of car rental companies suggestshortterm car leasefor bad credit people, with reasonable prices.

Can you trade in your car to get a lease car?

Yes. If it is paid for, it will have a value, however a car lot will very likely only give you a percentage. But, leases usually require some cash down, so yes, you can.

Can you comeback a leased car that was coerced on you?

IF you signed a contract, it wasn’t coerced on you. If you didn’t sign a contract you can comeback it as you wish.

Does the primary lease holder on a car lease have any liability if the car is in an accident if the car is registered and insured by the co-signers of the lease who is not the primary?

Can you keep your car if it is a lease?

You can consider car leasing; it is the process of permitting the consumers to pay for a certain period of time and for only limited allowance for the mile coverage. The very first thing that one needs to consider in terms of car leasing is to check the person’s standing about his or her credit. However, you can attempt usingcar leasing calculatorto make things work for you.

What is the risk to be a co signer on a leased car?

A common misconception is that the “cosigner” is not financially responsible for the security of the loan/lease (the car) until after the primary has defaulted. Nothing could be more wrong. The primary and cosigner are simply terms used to differentiate inbetween the two signors. Legally, both are identically responsible for the debt, from the signing of the document until the last payment is made. If payments are missed, both will have their credit rating dinged. If the contract goes into default, both will be contacted by the lender or its agents. In truth, one should never cosign for anyone if that one cannot be trusted unquestionably and unless the cosigner can afford to pay the loan if that should become necessary.

What happens when you lease a car?

When you lease a car you inject into a contract with the company that leased the car to you. The contract will require motionless payments from you over a immobilized term. You have use of the car for that period, provided you pay all the payments due. Depending on the terms of the contract, you may have to tax and insure the car, but some leases may include such costs within the lease charge. The contract will also state whether or not you are responsible for repairs and maintenance of the vehicle, or whether the leasing company has already included the costs of such necessary matters within the lease payments you have contracted to make. You will be responsible for things like fuel and oil, but the lease will tell you what else you may be responsible for. The lease may include mileage limitations. If you exceed the agreed mileage you will incur extra costs. Similarly there may be contractual conditions in the lease regarding any harm the car may suffer whilst in your possession. Invariably you will be required to pay a substantial portion of any such harm, however caused. If you lease a car, reminisce that it is not your car; you are ‘borrowing’ it for the period of the lease. You must take care of it, and comeback it in good condition at the end of the lease.

What is gap insurance for a leased car?

GAP coverage is very necessary especially in a lease situation. GAP coverage comes into play if a vehicle is deemed totaled. What GAP does is to pay for the difference in the actual cash value that is payable under the normal policy and the balance owed to the lease company or finance company of a loan. In the early years of a lease or loan the vehicle value falls quicker that the value of the vehicle. If you total the vehicle within this period you can find yourself without a vehicle but with a sizable amount of money due on a vehicle you cannot drive any more. GAP coverage will pay this difference. The Finance Dept of the auto dealership will attempt to sell you on this GAP insurance. Very first, no matter what they say, it is not mandatory to but it from them. Individual Auto insurance companies suggest GAP insurance that does the same thing for about 10% of the premium the dealership charges you for the same coverage. You will also have a right to cancel the coverage whenever you feel the value and loan balance have equaled out. One catch is that you must purchase the GAP coverage from you insurer withing 6 months of purchasing the vehicle. As a matter of utter disclosure, I own and operate a puny Independent Insurance Company in Central Georgia and have for the past 22 years. Prior to that I worked as an agent for a direct writer of insurance for Trio years.

Where can you lease a car?

Check online for a local car leasing company. Check online for a local car leasing company. Check online for a local car leasing company. Check online for a local car leasing company.

Is it lighter to lease a car or to buy it?

Leasing a car is more lighter because you only have a certain time framework to keep the car. Buying a car is worse because you will permanently have that car and waste a lot of money on it.

What to look out on car leases?

Step 1. Negotiate the price of the vehicle very first. You may not want to let the dealership know you want to lease a car at very first because they will instantly commence talking about monthly payments and that’s where they sucker you in by manipulating the length of the lease to get the most money out of you. Step Two. Do not tell them your monthly budget. They will use this number, ask for a range and of course go with the higher number if not go a little bit over and say “that’s the best they can do.” As well as manipulate the length of the lease to make sure they get the most money. Use Edmonds auto calculators to figure out how much you can afford and what you’d be convenient with. Step Trio. Observe out for the interest rate. Check your credit score before arm so that when you go into the F&I office, and they give you a astronomical interest rate, you can negotiate that rate. The interest rate is NOT motionless. It is negotiable. Step Four. Not everything they suggest you in the F&I office is required. Vin etching, Rust proofing, Car set up, etc. can all be done cheaper if not already done. You can get a vin etching kit online for $20 and do it yourself, manufacturer’s already put rust proofing on the car, you do not have to pay for it twice, a car set up/detailing, etc. the manufacturer already puts aside money for the dealership to do this, you do NOT have to pay for it. If you are not blessed with the charges, just cross them out of the bill. Step Five. Do not lease for more than 3-4 years. It’s a waste of money you’ll be paying the high interest rate before you embark paying off the principal of the loan. Step 6. Keep in mind that your insurance will go up. The bank requires the leased car to have total coverage and certain coverages that will increase the premium of your insurance. Step 7. You can always negotiate for the dealership to give you something for free. Whether its a utter tank of gas. free oil switches for a year, mud flaps, side skirts, etc. It’s still something.

What if you bought a car that still has a lease?

When a car is leased at the end of the lease is a residual. This is the difference inbetween what the car cost fresh and what was paid in the lease. Did you buy the car from the person who leased the car? Did they pay off the lease with the money you paid them? If not, there is a problem. A car with a lease is NOT possessed by the person who leased it so that means the bank possesses the car and has the pink slip. You have to get the pink slip from the bank. Actually, the person who sold you the car may have illegally sold the car. It would be like someone renting a house and then selling it. Check with the bank that holds the pink slip.

Does the co signer of a car lease agreement need to be in person?

Yes Co-signer must be there in person and showcase a valid driver licenses, with all the correct information. The Dealership will also have to make a copy in-case they are audited.

What do leasing a car means?

Leasing is essentially a long term rental with an option to buy at the end of the lease.

Are you insured to drive your sons lease car?

That depends on his insurer and the policy he holds. He would need to contact his insurance company for a definitive response to this question.

Can you lease a car after filing for bankruptcy?

Depends. Some dealerships won’t even look at you if you have bankruptcy in your credit history. Others might, but it usually comes at the cost of high interest rates.

What companies provide leasing cars?

Presently all car dealerships including Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Kia, Honda, and various others provide leasing opportunities. Lease Trader is another popular company used to lease vehicles.

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