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You hit a well head on private property and have no auto insurance?You form your statement into a more direct question so that someone might reaction it.

If your auto is bruised in a hit and run while parked in the driveway should you use the individual property rider on your auto insurance to cover it?

That would be considered a hit and run which would fall in the comp/coll portion of an insurance policy

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If someone hit you on private property and does not want to go through insurance should you report it anyway?

If someone hit you, it is their liability not yours. As long as there were no injuries and you are comfy having the repairs made by a reputable figure shop and not having the company involved, it’s fine. However, if there is subsequent harm to your vehicle, or you are injured and you don’t report it to their insurance company, you could have problems collecting reimbursement after the fact. Especially if they had you sign a settlement agreement. Just be careful!

What are your options if your private property was bruised by someone else during an auto accident?

Reaction .
file and pursue a claim or dont.If you do file , file a police report, get a copy of the report and have your property insurance company pursue the claim against the insurance company covering the party or parties involved in the auto accident

If you hit the side of a garage when pulling in will insurance cover it even if happened at a home on private property?

More than likely the homeowners insurance or the auto insurance would cover the harm. The person would have to evaluate whether the deductible and possible increase of rates would be worth filing a claim on either policy.

What happens if you are involved in an auto accident on private property?

Response .
1. Leave vehicle where you were hit.2. Call the police3. Exchange info with other driver4. Get a witness or witnesses as someone witnessed it happen5. Police will write a “no fault” report since accident is on private property (in my case, parking lot at work)6. If police asks you and other driver to “work it out inbetween you” as your rates will go up – be very cautious!!!!!7. Call your insurance company.
Reaction .
Accidents happen in parking lots all to often. Even however it is on private property always get a police report and information from the other driver. Be sure to talk to the police officer in front of the other driver and make sure you are with the other driver as they talk to the officer.

If you don’t have auto insurance and you get into an accident can you sue the driver who hit you?

Response .
If you were legally required to have insurance, your position might be compromised a bit, but if the other driver was at fault, and will not cover your costs, yes you could sue. Juries determining liability usually will not be permitted to know anything about insurance coverage, because it doesn’t bear on whether someone has a liability, but could sway them emotionally with the perception of a big pool of faceless money. The job of the insurance company is to cover the liability once it has been legally established.

What do you do if you have auto insurance and you hit a parked car whose driver does not have auto insurance?

Reaction .
Your insurance will have to pay regardless if the other person has insurance or not. You were at fault.

Who is responsible if a car was hit on private property while backing out of the driveway?

Reaction .
doesn’t matter if an accident was on private property. get a police report instantaneously. this will be used to determine fault, if any.

What happens when you hit a car on private property and no police were called and the insurance company was not contacted until almost a month after the accident?

Reaction .
it might be considered as a hit and run or demolishing private properity.

Does auto insurance cover harm of driving into one’s property?

Response .
Depends why the driver lost control – weather incidents are always at fault. If there is another party involved, this may differ.

Can a person sue if they were hit by an automobile on private property?

Reaction .
Yes, if it was due to negligence on the part of the person driving the vehicle.

How do you treat an auto accident on private property with no insurance?

Reaction .
Generally speaking, the person responsible for the accident is responsible for the harm. If the responsible person turns down to pay ot doesn’t pay rapid enough, the other can sue them if they wish.

You hit a well head on private property and have no auto insurance?

What can you do if an uninsured driver hit your car on private property and no report was made?

assuming you are insured, you still file a claim with your company (again assuming you have collision coverage on your vehicle) they will repair your car under that coverage and attempt to collect or subrogate the at fault party…..if you are uninsured some states (mine-Missouri) you can file a state report ask for an adm. hearing to determine fault for the loss and get a judgment for that loss……..beware however if you are uninsured and your state requires insurance (don’t they all?) you’re busted too……

When is the proprietor of a private property responsible for a hit and run?

Response .
My instantaneous reaction would be that they cannot. They committed no crime. If there was some way in which it could be shown that they caused the accident, and I’m not sure I can figure out a way that would happen without a lot of thinking, then they could be sued.

Who is at fault in an auto accident on private property when the party with the damages is illegally parked?

Who is at fault .
A parked car almost never crashes into others or does anything else that prevents other drivers on private property from stopping in time to avoid hitting it. Therefore, the fact that it may be “illegally parked” usually has nothing to do with why someone negligently crashed into it.

How could I find the auto-insurance of a car that hit your car?

You would need to ask the proprietor of the car. You should be able to get the proprietor’s information either from the accident scene or from the police report. But they are not required to provide it to you. In the worst case screenplay, you would need to go to court to attempt to get that information and even if you win a judgement against them, you still may not get that information…..but you would have already won an order telling the other driver that he owes you money. Whether he wants to pay you on his own or file an insurance claim is totally up to him.

Is it my fault if I hit a chain on private property that had no reflector on it?

Yes. you are responsible for harm to private property. the proprietor does not have to have a reflector on the chain. its his and he wields it. ok. what you can do is go to the proprietor accept responsibility for the harm you caused and suggest to substitute or pay for it.

Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway on private property and you are pulling into the driveway and you get hit?

“Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway on private property and you are pulling into the driveway and you get hit?”.
“Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway on private property and you are pulling into the driveway and you get hit?”

I have my auto insurance with NJM If I choose Progressive for my motorcycle insurance and I get a ticket with my auto insurance NJM will my Progressive motorcycle insurance rise as well?

Reaction .
yes, if they run a ‘clue’ or driving record…..your driving record, or violations, of course are under your license and not each vehicle……they are insuring the ‘driver’ as well as the vehicle……..

Will liability insurance pay for company property in a private vehicle if the vehicle is demolished by fire?

Reaction .
usually no, but your homeowners MAY, and your employers might as well….most auto policys specifically exclude any and all private property, and homeowners (under private property coverage) will exclude some property ‘while in or upon a land motor vehicle’…..then there is another twist because it is ‘company property’ …. i’d file the claim with all, but would bet that none on auto, might have some minor coverage, (with a limit) on your home owners or renters policy, but may need a denial under your employers coverage very first before they can pay…… and should find coverage with your employer……..

If two cars are on private property and on car has no drivers license and the other car has no car insurance and they hit each other who is at fault?

Reaction .
The fault / cause of the collision has nothing to do with the location, who is or is not insured, or who is licensed. The question cannot be fully answered until “they hit each other” is defined.

If you are backing out and hit a car and your on private property are you liable?

It matters not if you are on private property, your property or the moon. If you were negligent and caused harm to someones property thru that negligence you are liable. The police may not come and file a report, but again that does not absolve you of your negliegence, liabililty or responsiblity to the ‘victim’ for your negliegence..
YES, you are liable, and responsible for the other vehicles harm in all butvery very fewinstances, (and I truly can’t think of any that would take all liability away from you). The rules of the road (in all states, citys, counties I’ve ever seen), state that the vehicle doing the backing is held to a higher level/degree of care. This doesn’t matter if you are on private property or your own property. You don’t provide us with enough information regarding the facts of loss, so I’ll just ‘guess’ at a duo of scenerios; You are backing from a private drive, or parking lot spot, another vehicle is going down the road, or lane, you back out and hit them. Or you back out (obviously into the ‘lane’ or ‘street’) and they hit you. You are still at fault. Even if the other vehicle is speeding, you (as the backing vehicle) cannot come in into any roadway, lane etc, until it is safe to do so. If the other vehicle will ‘admit’ to speeding a portion of the negliegence could or might be assessed to them, but doubt they would admit that ! ha-ha If both parties are backing at the same time, (personally treated tons of these claims) then the adjuster will need to look at impacts etc, to determine who bares the greater fault..
No fault states, related to injury or P.I.P., All state have a negligence or liability rule, ie, unspoiled comparative, comparative, no fault 51/49, contributory etc. In my opinion in none of these juristictions would you be found NOT liable. The only possiblity I could see, and this would only be a contributing or comparative percent is if the other driver would admit to speeding, and I still do not think they would naked the higher percentage. ========= .
I’m assuming that you are not on your own private property… Yes, you can be held liable for hitting a car while backing out. Liability will be dependent on the following: .
If you live in a state with “No-Fault” auto insurance laws, then neither party will be held liable for the accident. Each person will have the harm covered under their own policy. .
If you do not live in a No-Fault state, then liablility will be determined based on who caused the accident. For example, let’s say you were backing out from the driveway following all necessary traffic laws. As you back out another car slams into you because the driver was not paying attention, did not adhere to the Yield sign, OR WAS MOVING AT AN EXCESSIVE/UNSAFE SPEED, etc. In this case liability will fall onto the 2nd driver, as that driver caused the accident by violating traffic laws. If the situation is reversed and you are the driver disobeying the traffic laws, then you would be held liable. If both drivers were doing exactly what they were supposed to do and this was a mere coincidence, liability will have to be determined by the claims adusters indicating each party. .
Clarification .
I think the problem here is that mostTrafficlaws do not apply on private property, but Civil law does. If you hit someone’s car on privite property, and there are no injuries, you aren’t likely to get cited (under Traffic Code), but that doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible (under Civil Code). It’s not uncommon for the courts to use Traffic Law in order to ascertain fault in collisions on private property, so the rules of the road are typically the same..
It’s this thinking, btw, that makes car racing legal on private tracks..
Reminisce that Civil Code is the bod of law that makes you pay for damamge you cause in car accidents or any other cause.

Is it the driver’s fault if he hits a fire hydrant on a private property?

If a driver hits a fire hydrant on private property, then he or sheis to blame. The hydrant is a stationary object that the drivershould have been able to lightly avoid. It is likely that, even withinsurance, the driver will have to pay for any damages.

Hit and run on private property?

I backed up into a car on private proprty, i know the people i hit, it is my girlfriends grandparents, i panced and just left, i was told police cant do anything since it was on private proporty. is this true for the state of Missouri?

Can you prosecute a repo man for trespassing on private property to repo a auto?

Repo agents are not permitted to break the law. Technically this includes trespassing, but the mere fact thatsomeone was on your property does not in and of itself does notusually legally constitute “trespass”. Generally, the cargo is onthe complainant to prove that entry was in fact trespass, byshowing that you have taken steps to defend the property. At thevery least, this will very likely include posting warnings/signs thatthe property is private and that you do not grant permission toenter or pass through it. A repo man can’t break into your garage or cut a lock from a gate,but if the car was on your unprotected driveway, it’s very likely notlegally “trespass” for him to walk onto the driveway, break intothe car (this is not illegal, because he’s acting as an agent ofthe “rightful proprietor”, i.e. the bank), and take it. I guess the response is that you can certainly contact the police tofile a complaint, but after reviewing the facts, they may tell youthat legally speaking no trespass occurred and they’re not going todo anything about it. You’re not going to get the car back in any event, so doing thisunless the repo agent egregiously broke the law is truly just kindof spiteful.

You hit a well head on private property and have no auto insurance?

You have no auto insurance some hit you Toronto?

1. You negotiate with other driver not to call police/his insurance company. Due to negotiations one of you make an estimation of harm. The one, that is found guilty (in the process of negotiations) gives an, estimated later, money on repair. Two. Police involved – everyone has tickets for accident, ‘no insurance’, etc. You will receive fine and no coverage sure. PS: It’s not legal to drive without auto insurance in Canada

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Will you lose your license for a hit in run on private property in Ohio?

Well I think you would for one it’s a hit and runa and for 2nd it’s on private property

As student what can you do to preserve public as well as private property?

There are land preservation groups in every area. Perform a search in your town, county and state and you will find land trusts, foundations and state and local programs that work together to conserve and preserve land from development. Many states have programs whereby they permit private owners of large tracts of undeveloped land, such as family farms or forestlands, to proceed to own and occupy the land but sell the development rights to the state. That way, the land remains green forever. .

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Many groups that have managed to acquire property for conservation and preservation do not have the extra funds for projects that make the property accessible to the public for benign activities such as hiking, bird watching, nature photography, picnics, etc. They can use volunteers to groom and patrol the trails and build ordinary outdoor structures..
By performing a local search as described above you should be able to access an abundance of information, contact groups that interest you and determine how you can help. Perhaps that could be done as a class project. You deserve credit for your interest in this significant issue. Perhaps it will evolve into a career in land preservation.

Does homeowners insurance cover auto harm to non-owners vehicle your property by someone hitting a pole?

Of course NOT. .
Homeowners Insurance does not cover auto accidents. That’s what Auto Insurance is for.

Will homeowners insurance cover injuries from an auto accident on private property?

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover Auto accidents. .
Auto Insurance covers automobiles. It does not matter if the auto accident was on public or private property.

What do I do if I have no auto insurance and someone hit my car?

If the person who hit your car is the cause of the accident, then it doesn’t matter if you have insurance, since the other driver’s insurance company is obligated to pay for the harm (assuming that you can prove your case). If the case the way around then the case might be a big problem. Never hesitate to get insured. It is in the mind of people telling they’re costly. Think of it hitting others car.

If a person that has no auto insurance and hits you can you go after his homeowners insurance?

Will Homeowners Insurance cover an Auto Accident? No, Homeowners Insurance Policies do not provide coverage for Auto Accidents. ____________________________________________________________________Other AnswersNo. If he wasn’t insured on the car, then there is no way to claim any of his insurance on it. He will simply have to pay himself.

If I pay someone to drive me on errands in my private vehicle what type of auto insurance do I need?

It indeed depends how often you do this. Usually a regular private policy should cover this. Just make sure the all people in your household are listed.

Does liability auto insurance cover your car if you hit a pole?

No. Liability insurance will only cover your liability for property harm/injuries to others. In this case, it would cover the harm to the pole you hit. Your liability coverage will never cover harm to anything you own. You would need collision/comprehensive coverage to cover harm to your car.

Will your lialability insurance cover you backing into a car on your private property?

It should, there is virtually no difference inbetween private property and public property when it comes to accidents.

Will utter coverage insurance cover your car if hit by another car on private property?

It should unless there was some illegal activity that had occurred and you had the decent coverages. There is no difference in a private property accident or a public street accident when it comes to paying claims.

Can you prosecute a repo man for trespassing on commercial private property to repo a auto?

Only a prosecuter can prosectute. It is legal to repo a car from anywhere as long as they dont “breach the peace” to get to it. That is, they cant break & inject or physically budge you out of the way.

You hit a well head on private property and have no auto insurance?

Does Amica Insurance suggest home insurance as well as auto?

Amica offers auto, home and life insurance. You may be able to ask for a diminished rate if you request a bundle of insurance for your family. You may also be able to buy private umbrella liability insurance and marine insurance.

Can you sue for an accident on private property if it was a hit and run?

Yes, if the hit-and-run driver is eventually known, if you suffered individual injury, you may sue for damages over and above what your insuror will pay you for. If it only resulted inproperty harm to your car, usually it is your insurance company who will treat it.

How do you claim auto insurance when you wrecked your car on your property?

It would be an auto claim for the harm to the other and a homeowners claim for the harm to your property. You cannot be liable to yourself, so you cannot claim the property harm on your auto policy.

Will insurance pay for a hit on the head with the hatch?

Major Medical CoverageThis type of injury not being the result of a motor vehicle accident, would be best addressed through your Major Medical Carrier or HMO. Assuming that you hit yourself on the headIf you have medical coverage on your policy you could file a claim. If you have only liability insurance then it would not apply. this is because it is not possible to be legally liable to oneself. Someone else was hit on the headAgain, you may attempt filing a claim if you have medical coverage on your policy. But, your liability coverage would likely not invoke because that coverage tends to apply to a car in mobility. Not when it is parked. Manufacturer Responsibility? This question could apply to that fine idea of nitrogen shocks that hold rubber hood and hatch lids up, that commonly fail in colder weather causing the hatch lid of a vehicle to fall and hit one in the head. As the other reaction stated, not covered by a vehicle policy and you would have to use the medical coverage you have. If this is the situation you are referring to, you could attempt recovering for damages if you don’t have a health insurer, by attempting to sue the manufacturer of the vehicle or the manufacturer of the nitrogen packed shock absorber, but the trick would be to find an attorney that would take such a case, and you would also have to pay out of pocket for an pro that could support the dangers of design and just to what extent you are injured. The only reason I bring this up, is that it is fairly common to have these shocks on cars to hold trunk lids, hatch lids and spandex hoods up and to see this junk fail .

What do you do when an Uninsured driver hits an insured driver on private property?

The insured drivers uninsured motorist coverage should take care of it. Doesn’t matter if property is private or not.

How does no fault auto insurance work if you hit a parked car?

No Fault insurance ONLY deals with medical injuries to you if you are driving. No Fault has nothing to do with property harm liability. If you hit a parked car, then your Property Harm Liability coverage would pay to repair the parked car and your own Collision coverage (if you have it…it’s optional) would pay to repair your car.

Will renters insurance pay if a car is hit on property?

No, Renters insurance is coverage specific to household property orcontents possessed by the named insured. It does not cover the propertyof others and it does not cover automobiles. Neither Rentersinsurance nor Homeowners insurance will cover harm to anautomobile. That’s what auto Insurance is for.

What are some well known Canadian auto insurance agencies?

Auto insurance in managed by the governement if you live in Manitoba, Saskachewan, British Columbia, or Quebec. If you live in any of the other provinces in Canada, there are more insurance companies than you can count. Some big ones are: RBC, TD Bank, The Dominion, Intact, Jevco, etc.

Does auto insurance cover harm to city property?

If the harm was caused by the negligent operation of an insured motor vehicle, and if the motor vehicle was covered by liability insurance, barring other factors, there should be coverage. That said, all claims are determined on their own facts and are subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Can the police issue you a ticket for hitting a car on private property?

Yes. If it is not you’re private property they have all the rights they need

What is the address for the head office of 21st Century Auto Insurance?

The address for the head office of 21st Century Auto Insurance is located in Wilmington, DE. The more specific address is not available on their official website.

Can your auto insurance company disclose your private information?

No they shouldn’t disclose your individual information without your authority to do so. If you don’t want anyone to know certain individual iinformaion you need to be very carefull what you sign. The fin print on the application and in the policy permits alot of individual information to be turned over to whomever may need this information.

If you have oil under your property Is it illegal to build an oil well in the US on private land?

You will need to own the mineral rights on the land, which areseparate from ownership of the surface land.

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